We have released Chapter I of SaruTobi Island which is available for download now

We are now crowdfunding for Chapter II and Chapter III of the game, please see the road map for more info

We will be releasing more info on crowdfunding via patreon/kickstarter soon, in the mean time you can support the game by visting the in-game store



We will continue the story mode of the game with Sarutobi joining the pirate crew and also gaining access to the castle!

We will continue to make a story that references popular bitcoin memes, events and personalities as well as new puzzles to solve!

SaruTobi Laboratory

Working with Indiesquare team and utilising their APIs and SDKs we bring you SaruTobi Laboratory

This will be a new area in SaruTobi Island where SaruTobi teams up with "Professor Zono" to develop experimental games and utilities using blockchain

This will give us a sandbox area to experiment with payment channels and new innovations in bitcoin blockchain bringing them to gaming whilst allowing the users to try them as demos/mini games

For example a mini game where users can earn bitcoin using payment channel technology

Also some experimental games with AR and monsters will find a place here


We will add a multiplayer battle mode to let players battle with each other and their monsters

For example inorder to complete a dungeon boss you may need to rely on friends to help

Depending on the progress with payment channels in SaruTobi Laboratory we would like to add some sort of bitcoin reward to complete raids quests etc