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Welcome to Nesteros A little chick has been trapped under an avalanche of owls! Strategically place bombs to blow them up and let the chick fly to freedom. Collect real Bitcoin tips as you play! Set in a Medieval time zone Game of Birds or "GOB" is the new puzzle game that runs on your iPhone and iPad!

Two birds with one stone! You can use a variety of different bombs but watch out for Foxes, Zombie viruses and Wild Fires! 44 owl exploding levels spanned over 2 worlds, with extra levels constantly being added in the future!

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Bitcoin tips not working

Make sure your system clock on your iOS device is set to Auto date and time

How does Bitcoin tipping work?

It is very simple, just enter your email address in the app, collect Black bitcoins in the game and cash them out for Bitcoin tips in the store, tips come from the game Pot which is filled with Bitcoin through donations, more Bitcoin in the Pot more tips for players!

Why Coinbase?

1.Ease of use, With the Coinbase API players just need to enter their email and not a Wallet address, for the seasoned bitcoiner this wasn't a problem but we want to encourage non bitcoiners to use Bitcoin and felt that having to enter a wallet address would deter them.

2.Donations, Coinbase will contribute Bitcoin to the pot for every new user who signs up because of the app

3.Having to validate your email address to receive your Bitcoin stops 'Bots' and other nastys out there trying to drain the pot

Is it safe?

Player Bitcoin is completely safe as they only receive Bitcoin, as for Pot donations only a small amount of the Bitcoin available for the game is kept in the pot, the rest is in cold storage and added incrementally

Why am I not receiving tips?

If there is no Bitcoin in the pot you won't receive Bitcoin. Sometimes you may have received too many tips or be requesting tips too often, in this case tips may not be available for a few hours, if your still having trouble contact us below

Can I advertise in the app?

In return for regular donations to the Pot we will advertise your company in game, use the contact form below to request more info

Android Version?

I would love to make an Android version, but it's just me developing the apps at the moment and I'm and iOS dev with limited time. If you happen to be a VC and feel like being a generous Patreon please contact me!

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